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ACRE Warranty

- Used surveying equipment checked and certified.

- Total Stations, GPS and levels from trading and leasing operations.

- 1 year warranty on Leica Geosystems products.

- We include accessory pack in perfect condition.

* Warranty assured by ACRE

Pack Leica Disto 3D

Laser meter Leica 3D Disto: Measure 3D space
Article used accessories in perfect condition and shipping worldwide.

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  • Measuring position, height and distance in the three spatial directions
  • intuitive user guidance by assistants
  • Measuring from one location: all visible point can be measured by pointing the laser dot visible without moving the objective
  • Measurement also difficult to access points, p. eg. the edges of the roof
  • Measuring areas of ceilings, floors and roofs, volume, inclinations, slopes, height differences, angles
  • Plumb points, parallel displacement of axes, record heights, transfer to the same height of the points to walls
  • Forget the water level and tape measure
  • Rendering real-time measurements as a plane on the screen
  • Representation precise position of the measured points in the camera image
  • Pocket calculator
  • Documentation touch of a button in the form of standard tables, photos, DXF files and text files
  • Remote measurement
  • Import and export data to PC and USB stick
Components of the pack.

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